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Feelings shared by an alienated parent: So today I decided to end battling with my ex by ending my legal relationship with the attorney I hired after I worked on a Pro Se motion, through which I was granted some provisions to assist in mitigating the conflict and the alienation but my ex still isn't following them.

Essentially, I haven't had parenting time with my middle son (age 9) since mid April and my youngest daughter (age 6) since the end of September. The children have never come for overnights except for twice for my son (age 12) once, the first weekend I was supposed to have my children which my ex undermined by calling the police and trying to browbeat me into phasing this all in. This happened in May and for one night of Rosh Hashana because I refused to bring my son home.

All the fighting has weighed heavy on my heart and has effected multiple personal relationships due to my pain and the anger it causes over the issue. I had thought that the courts would actually provide relief. I have therapy scheduled for the family; which I scheduled and informed both my ex and her attorney of all the information. While I hold out hope that maybe this will work, I really don't have the will to fight.

I can go into the damage of all of it now, but I just felt she used me in marriage, played me during separation and the divorce proceedings and is still trying to control my relationship with our kids afterwards.

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